South Beach Civic Association

Staten Island, NY


We are having a campaign to ask the FAA to change the flight path that Commercial Airlines heading to LaGuardia Airport are currently using, (From Great Kills to Fort Wadsworth along the East Shore of Staten Island) for landing. American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Endeavor Air, JetBlue, Republic Airways, SkyWest Airlines, Spirit, and Southwest have been flying at low altitudes of 1,500 feet to 2,500 over our homes and businesses on the East Shore of Staten Island heading to LaGuardia Airport for landing. This is progressing every day with more Airlines every 10 Seconds during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Evening hours from 9pm to midnight, airliners are flying so low every 10 to 20 seconds, you hear your house windows rattle and must close them, trying to keep the noise out.  This is disgusting that you cannot enjoy being outside enjoying your home, community, the fresh air while talking with your neighbors or having a barbeque. It must stop now. The Noise and Pollution Particulate coming out of these Commercial Jets is destroying our Quality of Life and the values of our homes are depreciating.

See enclosed information FAA Comment papers. It is self-explanatory. Any questions call me or reply to this email.  Go to and put in your comment. Please forward this FAA Comment to all your contacts and social media. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis is trying to help but cannot do it without our input. All we ask the FAA to do is MOVE THE FLIGHT PATH OVER THE OCEAN CORRIDOR AWAY FROM OUR HOMES AND BUSINESSES. So simple to do, CUT THE RED TAPE AND JUST DO IT.

It is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT to submit comments before the Comment window will close July 31, 2023. Thank you. Respectfully, Joseph McAllister President SBCA.