South Beach Civic Association

Staten Island, NY

Ukrainian Drive

South Beach Civic Association aids in donation relief for Ukraine. Members of the South Beach Civic Association together with various other organizations worked with Ozone Park Block Association President Sam Esposito coordinating medical, food, baby items, and clothing for Ukraine.  

President Joseph McAlllister and Vice President RoseAnn McAllister searched for other organizations, civic groups and businesses who would be doing anything to help get needed items to Ukraine. Carol Donovan – Richmond Town & Clark Avenue Civic Association, Edward Pollio of 50/50 Skate Park and members of the SBCA, Liz Andrie, Wanda Liz Cartagena, Susan Hansen, Adrienne King, Marjorie Pugliesi, Dianne Romano, Tom Stevens, and Steve White helped reach out sending emails, posts on Face Book, social media, picking up and loading items onto truck at the coordinated drop off site – Holy Rosary Church/Epifanio Parish Center. So many beautiful, thoughtful, concerned donations were collected in 3 days from many people of Staten Island. Monetary donations that were given will be forward to The Stephen Siller Foundation at this time.  

Truck departed to Queens this morning at 9:30am. Upon arrival at the Living Word Christian Fellowship at 13205 Cross Bay Blvd, SBCA members were thanked for working together on helping Ukraine. Items were sorted out into boxes for shipping to a warehouse owned by Steven Sanichar a Queens, NY Native and part owner of 24/7 Courier Inc. and Carin of Solent freight services, a shipping company, coordinated air freight for items to be sent to special distribution sites in Poland.  

The sun came out clearing the sky, many vehicles were arriving, constantly dropping off donations while volunteers sorted items into selected boxes. Mr. McAllister addressed all the helpers with Sam Esposito and thanked everyone for working together getting things done to help other people in an emergency need.  

It was an amazing joyful scene of such a huge, volunteered success of so many groups working together.  

Many people were asking if we are going to do the donation drive again and a decision would have to be made later. Currently, we need to see what is going to happen within the next week. Thank you to Everyone for your help, President Joseph McAllister SBCA. Any questions, I can be reached at