South Beach Civic Association

Staten Island, NY

Holiday Treat for 122 Precinct


November 18, 2016

Dear Community Friend,

We, the Community Council members of the 122 precinct, would like to reach out to our community and forge a bond with you.  Our next meeting will be on November 30th, 2016 at 7:30 pm in the muster room of the 122nd precinct. The meeting after that will be on January 18th, 2016 at 7:30 pm, same place.

On December 16th we will continue with the tradition of the “Holiday Treat” for the police officers of the 122nd Precinct. We are reaching out to you for donations or sponsorships for this event or any other event we may have. It will be from 6 am to 6 pm. It is a day complete for the officers with breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Many officers work different tours and we would like to reach as many officers as possible.   Donations are generally from the community, the civics and other various clubs, stores and boards.  This event serves as a thank you from the community; to all of the police officers for all their hard work throughout the year.   We would like to include you in our event. Please let us know what you will be bringing so we can better organize this event. You can email us at or you can call me directly. Texts are also welcomed.

Donations can be dropped off on December 16th starting at 6 am and throughout the day. Donations can be in the form of monetary contribution so the board can buy supplies. Donations from restaurants or stores can be of food, drinks or other supplies. We will accept any donation big or small. Checks can be made out to the 122nd Precinct Community Council and mailed to the address above. Thank you in advance for your support.

With great respect and thanks,


Cryssi Lieto-President

718-360-6081 (cell)