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Things to know about reopening your Hurricane Sandy Claim

hurricaine sandy
I and my staff at Beacon of Hope NY has arranged a Town Hall Meeting at New Dorp High School on Thursday Night, July 30, 2015,  at 6:00pm to 7:30pm to discuss thing victims of Hurricane Sandy should know abut reopening their Hurricane Sandy Claims.

We have expert laws from New Orleans coming into town to offer free advise and to help inform the victims of Sandy   about things they should know about reopening their claims.
FEMA has extended the deadline for Victims to reopen their claims from August 16, 2015 to September 15, 2015. As I have been informed that out of 150,000 letters that went out about victims being able to reopen their claims that less than 25,000 victims have reopened their claims.
I, Scott Mc Grath have myself reopened my claim against FEMA and when I had my home inspected, the inspector found some damages to my foundation that FEMA failed to mention or file in my claims. So I and my staff reached out to lawyers from New Orleans who have dealt with FEMA after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
As I and my staff are all victims of Super Storm Sandy aka Hurricane Sandy, we wanted to help get the information out there for the victims so they know their rights, battles and what they need to do in reopening their claims!
We still have many friends, families, neighbors and communities still not home and still in limbo thats to FEMA, The Government and President who promised no RED TAPE for all THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE SANDY!
I can be reached at  646-302-8653 or you can reach out to Beacon Of Hope NY President Deidre Young Mc Grath at  347-934-9727 or Vice President John Ardi at  347-219-1621.
Thank you
Scott McGrath and Staff of Beacon of Hope NY